Telehealth solutions improve healthcare in remote communities.

Bring medical expertise to remote patients with a suite of approved medical devices, revolutionising the way a physician or nurse can examine, diagnose, monitor, and treat remote patients with Visionflex telehealth systems.

Photo of a group of Visionflex telehealth products
Vision Telehealth family watching consultation

A powerful clinical telehealth video conference system for medical professionals.

The Vision Telehealth Platform from Visionflex is the first video conferencing and diagnostics platform specifically designed for telehealth. Vision is available on Windows and Mac as standalone apps in addition to a browser solution. Android and iOS mobile apps are also available to download.

With the touch of a button, Vision quickly and easily initiates a video medical consultation on an internet-connected digital device, anywhere, anytime.

Telehealth devices

Visionflex has a comprehensive range of cutting-edge telehealth devices, medical equipment, and software solutions.

Our telehealth devices allow medical practitioners to conduct telehealth consultations (teleconsultations) in regional, remote, rural, and urban areas. They provide health professionals access to diagnostic imaging that is stored against the patient’s electronic health record.

ProEX - front and rear view


What our Visionflex equipment means, is the patient can be seen…The technology allows the nurse or health worker to look inside someone’s throat. We can listen to heart and lung sounds, and the doctor on the other end can see and hear what’s going on. This will transform a lot of the work we do across telehealth.
Telemedicine with the GEIS® camera, provides comfort and support to both the person providing first aid and the patient, by having the visuals and the feeling of a ‘doctor/medic in the room’, rather than relying on telephone. The higher resolution close-up views from the GEIS® cameras are very helpful to our [remote] clinicians.
Using the telehealth system allows us to interact with both patient and a remote specialist at the time of the consult. This allows us to ask questions or seek more specific information both from our perspective and the patients’, allowing a better experience and potential treatments.
We’re more than happy. Instead of having to describe a wound or rash the doctors can clearly see the issue and make a decision to send the patient to the hospital or just keep an eye on it. Reducing transports saves time and money and improves security to the community.
The team have been very accommodating ensuring their tech works with our systems and giving up their time to come out and train the team. We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.
Our doctors provide support for expeditioners on Australian Antarctic stations and on ships plying the Southern Ocean. I selected the ProEX Telehealth Hub from Visionflex because it represents the cutting edge in remote imaging technology.
All of my older camera equipment now connect to the ProEX hubs in each of my rooms providing me with excellent quality images. I would recommend the team to anyone considering upgrading their camera technology or archiving systems.
I first worked with Visionflex products when I was working with the First Aid Antarctic Division, for the Polar Medicine Unit. Any case that I saw in Antarctica, I would use the Visionflex devices to take patient pictures, or I would use it to record visits so that if I needed to get additional help back from Australia, I could.