Virtual care is telehealth  reimagined. 

Revolutionise the way you can examine, diagnose, monitor, and treat remote patients with Visionflex clinical virtual care solutions.

Photo of a group of Visionflex telehealth products
Vision Telehealth family watching consultation

A powerful clinical telehealth video conference system for medical professionals.

The Vision platform from Visionflex is the first video conferencing and diagnostics platform specifically designed for telehealth. Vision is available on Windows and Mac as a standalone app in addition to a browser solution. Android and iOS mobile apps are also available to download.

With the touch of a button, Vision quickly and easily initiates a video medical consultation on an internet-connected digital device, anywhere, anytime.

Telehealth devices

Visionflex has a comprehensive range of cutting-edge telehealth devices, medical equipment, and software solutions.

Our solutions allow medical practitioners to conduct telehealth consultations (teleconsultations) in regional, remote, rural, and urban areas. They provide health professionals access to diagnostic imaging stored against the patient’s electronic health record.

ProEX - front and rear view