ABC News: Telehealth brings changes to Australia’s healthcare system

Snapshot of ABC news story on how telehealth changes healthcare

The pandemic has brought many changes to Australia’s healthcare sector, one of them being the need to increase remote examination options that can facilitate a diagnosis.

ABC News featured Visionflex in their morning news talking about how the future of healthcare will go from basic video consultations to virtual reality consultations. Visionflex is a leader in remote healthcare devices in Australia with the ProEX Telehealth Hub that offers a wide range of approved peripherals and provides a large amount of examination options.

The ProEX is changing the way telemedicine is being delivered. From skin checks to dental exams, ear and throat probes to wound management, all examinations can be done remotely with images, videos and digital readings being recorded and sent to a specialist for further analysis. There is an assortment of probes and accessories available, many of them with in-built high-definition camera technology that can screen for a range of conditions remotely. Most accessories also attach to the portable ProEX devices for travelling health professionals.

“It’s much more efficient for the doctor and the patient does not need to drive for hours to see a doctor,” says Visionflex CEO, Mike Harman.

Nurses and health professionals in remote towns, even in Antarctica, are using the device called ProEX. The demonstration glasses with an inbuilt camera are used so the remote doctor can see what’s happening in real time to diagnose and manage patients.

“The government introduced rebates for telehealth consultations back in March and the program is due to expire in September, but there are calls for it to continue into the future.”

With the pandemic bringing changes to the healthcare system and an increasing need for advanced telehealth technology in various sectors such as aged care, the mining industry and the military, Visionflex blog is focusing on how the pandemic has changed the approach to healthcare in different industries.

There is no doubt that in the future, telehealth technology will continue to improve and Visionflex is constantly innovating  and expanding its range to make healthcare accessible for everyone, no matter where they are on the globe.


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