Australia by Design Innovations – featuring the ProEX Telehealth Hub

Snapshot of presenter from Australia by Design Innovations TV series

Australia by Design Innovations featured the Visionflex ProEX.

Innovation at its most simple is about bringing an idea to market, but the power comes when you link design to creativity which allows that innovation to answer a need we didn’t know we had.

Visionflex is proud to have been selected for our ProEX Telehealth Hub to be featured on Channel TEN’s highly popular Australia by Design: Innovations. A series which aims to bring design excellence into the hearts and minds of Australians.

The popular Australian TV-Series showcased our ProEX Telehealth Hub, explaining how it works and having our CEO Mike Harman talk about the many benefits of the ProEX Telehealth Hub. Aside from being able to examine patients remotely and in isolated locations, the ProEX can also store and send high-quality images to other specialists anywhere in the world for further analysis. This makes the device a unique solution combining modern technology with practical design and allowing Healthcare Professionals to capture a wide range of exam results which can be used to facilitate a diagnosis.

ProEX Telehealth Hub

The ProEX Hub allows remote health professionals to carry out a comprehensive range of medical examinations over the Telehealth link with the specialist logged into the VMR to make the diagnosis remotely. Examinations include Blood Pressure, Pulse/Oximetry, Blood Glucose, Temperature, Weight, ECG, Digital Stethoscope, Ultrasound and a range of visual examinations such as Endoscopy, Guided Catheter Insertion, General Examinations, Dental Examinations, Dermatology Exams, etc. Click here for more information on the ProEX.


The ProEX Mobile is a battery powered telehealth solution with integrated 4G connectivity. The ProEX-Mobile offers all the features of the ProEX Telehealth Hub along with a ruggedized form factor and dual battery portability. The system is ideal for travelling health professionals who might be moving between clinics or visiting patients in their homes. Click here for more information on the ProEX-Mobile