Australia by Design Innovations – the verdict is in!

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There has been some tough competition in the search for Australia’s most innovative design, but the verdict is finally in: Visionflex’s ground-breaking new telehealth platform – Vision (formerly 2Vu)– has been awarded second place by an expert panel of judges on the TV series, Australia by Design Innovations.

“It was a pleasure to work with the Australia by Design team on this series and we were thrilled to come in at second place,” said Visionflex CEO and Co-founder, Mr Mike Harman.

“This TV series shows that world-class design and innovation is alive and well in Australia.”

Forty unique Australian designs were showcased in the Channel 10 TV series – everything from backyard play equipment to battery-operated pumps, a global pathology network, and a soft surfboard fin!

Ultimately, the judging panel of eight international design experts voted South Australian company, FormFlow, the winner for its metal-forming process to bend corrugated roofing sheets at precise angles for seamless corners.

Vision – a winning example of Australian research and design

At our Visionflex Sydney office, a team of six dedicated software engineers have been working on the development of Vision.

Unlike regular teleconferencing solutions, the Vision platform (which was formerly called 2Vu) is designed specifically for health professionals, medical clinicians, and patients participating in telehealth video consultations.

Vision’s revolutionary platform ensures high-quality video and audio and provides end-to-end encryption to securely connect health professionals with patients anywhere, and on any internet-connected device. Its innovative camera functions make remote clinical examinations and consultations between multiple participants a reality.

Together with Visionflex’s ProEX Telehealth Hub, which supports a suite of medical examination devices, Vision enhances the way a remote doctor and local health professional examine, diagnose, and treat a patient.

“Traditional video conferencing programs don’t offer any clinical functionality; all you can do is speak with someone and that is not telehealth, it’s a face-to-face chat,” said Mr Harman.

“Vision is an easy-to-use, low-cost, secure telehealth video conferencing platform that allows multiple participants to simultaneously carry out effective and accurate clinical consultations.”

The Vision platform incorporates another piece of revolutionary Visionflex technology:

Logo of TrueSteth - module of Vision by Visionflex

TrueSteth – This world-first digital stethoscope application transmits stethoscope audio digitally without any loss of quality. It provides the remote physician with complete control of volume, gain, and audio filter settings of a digital stethoscope being used to listen to a patient’s heart, lung, and body sounds.

TrueSteth’s diagnostic-quality audio and visual display can be shared in real time during video consultations.

Collage of photos featuring footage of Vision Telehealth Platform as featured on Channel 10's Australia By Design Awards

Vision’s innovative and unique functions include:

Logo of MultiVu - module of Vision by Visionflex

MultiVu – Multiple participants can simultaneously activate and switch between numerous video cameras such as a GEIS® General Examination Camera HD or a dental camera, providing access to live clinical footage on screen in large 16:9 video windows.

Logo of ExamVu - module of Vision by Visionflex

ExamVu – Integrate remote clinical examinations during a video conference with the far-end doctor guiding the process and receiving real-time, on-screen patient data including blood pressure, ECG, temperature, pulse oximetry, blood glucose, and weight.

Logo of RoomVu - module of Vision by Visionflex

RoomVu – Remotely view and control IP- and USB-based pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) ceiling and room cameras for a clear view of the patient to add context and detail during clinical examinations.

Logo of SnapShot - module of Vision by Visionflex

SnapShot – Capture and instantly share multiple clinical images during video consultations. Data can be automatically stored on the local PC.

Logo of TeleStrations - module of Vision by Visionflex

TeleStrations – In real time, video conference participants can annotate shared clinical images and PDF documents on screen for live discussion and collaboration. Files can be stored on the local PC.

The Vision platform is driven by new-generation software that manages and optimises available internet bandwidth to always deliver the best possible video quality, audio, and high-speed data transmission.

Vision can be used on any device including PCs, MACs, tablets, and smartphones. Android and iOS dedicated apps are also available, and Vision may be used through any current Chromium-based browser.

Connections are possible via broadband internet, 4G mobile, and satellite. The system can be geo-fenced ensuring patient data is transmitted securely.

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Visionflex – designed for telehealth.