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At Visionflex, we understand that the future model of healthcare relies heavily on improving digital integration and interoperability.

Visionflex technology can integrate with HL7- and non-HL7-based digital health-record systems and is already integrated with several health-record systems. 

Visionflex integration enables health professionals to seamlessly incorporate telehealth technology across their health practice, across hospitals, and across the broader health sector. This integration allows a practice to book and schedule patient telehealth appointments, send out patient and provider reminders, collect and store data against the patient record, and securely share the data with other parties.

When the Visionflex system is integrated with a health organisation’s electronic health records (EHR), health professionals can use Visionflex telehealth technology to perform clinical patient examinations via video call and securely save patient data and media to the patient’s digital record. The patient’s health history can be accessed while on a video call, and stored data can be retrieved and shared with remote health colleagues, regardless of their location.

Visionflex integration reduces the need to copy and transfer patient records between different systems, reducing the risk of error, security breaches and potential loss of valuable, and sensitive, health information.

Visionflex’s revolutionary clinical telehealth system comprises:


Photo of ProEX Telehealth Desktop Hub with GEIS camera
ProEX Hub logo

Specifically designed and engineered to enable health practitioners all over the world to confidently carry out detailed medical examinations on patients based in regional, remote, rural and urban areas.

Photo of ProEX Mobile telehealth device
ProEX Mobile logo

Capture high-definition, live images and videos, as well as important clinical health data from patient encounters on this ruggedised, state-of-the-art telehealth tablet.

Photo of GEIS General Examination Telehealth Camera with light and dermatology hood attachment with cradle

Medical Cameras

Accurate diagnosis requires attention to detail and high-quality imaging. Visionflex has a suite of medical cameras including the GEIS® (pictured), ultrasound, endoscopes, otoscopes, Horus scopes, laryngoscopes, intraoral dental cameras and colposcopes.

Photo of hand holding digital USB stethoscope


Designed specifically for telemedicine, stream crystal-clear heart, lung and body sounds to make informed medical decisions from a distance. USB connections.

Photo of hands holding portable electrocardiogram device

Electrocardiogram devices

Measure electrocardiogram signals and diagnose heart disease. Use ECG scanners to capture biological signals to obtain electrocardiograph reports.

Photo of Choicemed black wireless pulse oximeter with result also shown on a ProEX Telehealth Hub

Pulse Oximeters

A safe, convenient, and non-invasive way of measuring a patient’s blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR) to determine a patient’s wellness.

Photo of Accu-Chek blood glucose monitor

Blood Glucose Monitors

Measure, or test, blood sugar levels with results. Integrated with your ProEX Telehealth System. Ideal for remote monitoring of patients with diabetes.

Photo of blood pressure monitor with arm cuff

Blood Pressure Monitors

Quick and easy blood pressure monitor with A&Ds Continua Certified system, ensuring consistent, precise readings. Bluetooth® connection.

Photo of a in-ear infrared thermometer and forehead infrared thermometer in hands


Fast and simple patient temperature readings in one second with in-ear or forehead readings with Bluetooth® connection.

Photo of a pair of weighing scales

Weight Scales

Comfortable, stable, and precise scales to monitor your patients weight. Available in extra large and standard sizes to suit your needs with Bluetooth® connection.

Visionflex – experts in digital health solutions.