Introducing our Marketing Manager: Jessica Tailby

Jessica Tailby, Visionflex Marketing Manager

Why is marketing important to a business like Visionflex? Just ask our Marketing Manager, Jessica Tailby.

“Marketing is all about problem solving,” explained Jess, who brings 14 years’ experience to the role. “Whether it’s for your customer or for the business you’re working for, there’s always going to be a problem and there’s always going to be a solution for it, and you’ve just got to figure out how to find it.

“You might have to do some digging, but you’ll find it and that’s one of the things I really love to do: I enjoy solving problems.”

An effective marketing strategy, says Jess, is “more than just a pretty logo or a basic website”: A marketing strategy helps a business find and retain customers. It also helps a business communicate with its customers and educate them about the features, uses, and benefits of its products and services.

In Visionflex’s case, the customer base includes health and allied health professionals who work across markets including – hospitals; medical and GP clinics; remote health service providers; aged care; Indigenous health; oil, gas, and mining sites; correctional facilities; military settings; and government departments. The common goal these customers share is providing better healthcare services to their remote patients, using Visionflex’s sophisticated telehealth solutions.

“Our clients are always looking for efficiencies,” said Jess. “We know there’s a shortage of doctors and specialists and getting access to these practitioners is increasingly difficult, to the point where a lot of people will not prioritise their health and wellbeing – perhaps because they can’t afford it, or it’s too far away, or it’s a case of ‘I don’t have time’.

“With Visionflex technology, providers can facilitate better access for everybody whether they live remotely, or if they’re in an aged care facility, or somewhere else where their access to health services is remote for some other reason.”

Based in Visionflex’s Sydney headquarters, Jess and her team are responsible for creating and maintaining the company’s website, social media content, press announcements, and product brochures, as well as organising events and supporting the implementation of marketing plans.

One of Jess’s favourite parts of the marketing process is analysing data.

“Give me a spreadsheet full of data every day and I will figure out how to make that data better,” said Jess.

Of course, there are also some golden rules that Jess always applies to her marketing strategies. These include – make sure you are addressing the needs of your customers; keep things simple; and never stop digging until you have a deep understanding of your customers’ business challenges.

“When it comes to marketing, I think you need to have an inquisitive nature, pay attention to detail, and it helps if you’ve got a bit of confidence in your ability to talk to people and also to back yourself,” said Jess. “If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. You sometimes have to trust your gut and make sure you don’t just take things at face value.”

Jess initially took a circuitous route that led her to a career in marketing. While at high school, Jess was planning to qualify as a chef. She completed a Certificate II in Commercial Cookery as part of her HSC and spent time working in the hospitality industry. However, she says it did not take her long to realise that she “valued sleep too much” to work as a chef, and she pivoted instead to events management. Jess stayed in the sector for around seven years, while studying full time at university for a Bachelor of Business, majoring in marketing and international relations.

Jess says she enjoys her role at Visionflex due to both the friendly team environment, as well as the quality of the products she is marketing.

“Visionflex technology is remarkable,” said Jess. “We recently delivered an order to Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean. The technology will enable people in Micronesia to connect with doctors in Australia for care. Sydney is more than 4,500km from this little group of 2,000 islands – that’s really cool.

“I really enjoy coming to work, knowing that we’re helping make a difference to peoples’ lives.”

Aside from being a marketing manager extraordinaire, Jess is also unofficially designated as the office baker. Clearly a benefit of studying and working in commercial cookery, Jess is forever bringing an assortment of home-baked treats including brownies, cookies, choc-chip muffins, and birthday cakes to share with colleagues.

“I love to cook, and I love to entertain,” said Jess. “I’m in my element when I’ve got people around me and I can fuss over them. I just enjoy making people happy.”

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