Meet our Co-founder and COO, Peter Shandley

Photo of Visionflex COO Peter Shandley

Peter Shandley, Visionflex’s Chief Operations Officer, says designing and manufacturing clinical telehealth technology fuses his three favourite subjects – electronic engineering, the science of the human body, and healthy living.

“Medical technology has always intrigued me,” said Pete who co-founded Visionflex with company CEO, Mike Harman.

“Understanding the human condition and how the human body functions, understanding the methodology of how engineering works, and then being able to bring those requirements together is very exciting.

“One of the key things here, is that the body is basically like a machine: I call it engineering for the human body and that’s what Visionflex telehealth technology is all about – technology that allows you to remotely observe and monitor the condition of the body and provide accurate and reliable information to practitioners who may be at a distance from the patient.

“We are creating transformative technology – no question about it; and it is technology that hasn’t been done before.”

In his role as COO, Pete works with the Visionflex hardware and software design teams, as well as the compliance, regulation, and finance teams, to ensure that operations run smoothly, and forward planning goals are achieved.

When asked what inspires him in this role, Pete is quick to cite the Visionflex mission: to provide equality healthcare to everyone, everywhere: “When Mike and I started Visionflex, we wanted to solve problems around the delivery of remote health services and improve patient outcomes,” said Pete. “It’s important to me that what we’re doing is for the betterment of mankind.

“Our telehealth system is providing an improved level of healthcare to remote communities and medically remote patients in urban locations, and that’s a big deal … Our system has the potential to transform lives.”

The key to finding unique med-tech solutions, says Pete, is innovation: Through robust R&D, thorough testing, and infield-trial programs, the Visionflex team has created a clinical telehealth system that allows a physician to use a suite of approved medical devices to remotely examine a patient via a purpose-built, medical grade, secure, HD video conferencing platform, called Vision.

“For me, innovation is probably the most important part of the process – to innovate and to solve problems,” said Pete, who always keeps a pencil and notepad by his bed to note down innovative ideas that sometimes come to him during the night.

“When new technology comes along, being able to successfully apply that technology to solving problems – it all comes back to innovation and integration.”

Engineering, science, and innovation have been important interests for Pete since “day dot” when he was growing up in the United Kingdom’s engineering heartland.

“For as long as I can remember, it was all about science, and mechanical and electrical solutions to problems,” said Pete. “Even as a child, I found it all very exciting.”

Like his father and grandfather, Pete studied electronic and telecommunication engineering prior to commencing his career in the industry at UK-based GEC Plessey Telecommunications. This was followed by 11 years with electronics giant, Lite-On, as head of the European automotive electronics design, application, and sales teams.

In 1995, Pete and his family moved to Sydney, Australia, where he ran his own successful electronics business for 12 years, before returning to the fields of industrial design, and medical device design and technology, as an engineering and business consultant. It was during this time that Pete met Mike and together they established Visionflex in August 2014.

“And it’s been a non-stop, exciting journey ever since,” said Pete.

When there is time for some rest and recreation, Pete still finds it hard to shake off his twin mantles of engineer and innovator – his favourite pastimes are tinkering with classic British cars, bushwalking, and cooking up a storm in the home kitchen. “Spare time always hinges around family and cooking and getting together with friends,” said Pete.

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