9News: Visionflex helps doctors in remote locations

Snapshot from Nine News: Visionflex helps Doctors in remote locations

Nine News: Visionflex helps Doctors in remote Locations.

Health Authorities across the country are embracing new telehealth technology to bridge the distance between doctor and patient. The innovation helps deliver healthcare from the outback to Antarctica and is the brainchild of two Australian engineers.

Gabriela Rogers reports for 9News: Visionflex helps Doctors in remote locations

This device is changing the way telemedicine is being delivered. This demonstration shows how easy it is to screen someone’s health remotely with picture clarity. From skin checks to dental exams, ear and throat probes to wound management. It bridges the wide gap between patient and doctor in regional communities.

“People are more willing and accepting of telehealth rather than driving for six hours to see the doctors,” says Visionflex CEO, Mike Harman.

Nurses and health professionals in remote towns, even in Antarctica, are using the device called ProEX. In this demonstration glasses with an inbuilt camera are used so the doctor many kilometres away can see what’s happening in real time to diagnose and manage patients.

“That’s not just remote communities, Aboriginal communities, that’s also prisons, people on oil rigs, cruise ships,” says Mike.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service is also trialling the technology developed by two Sydney engineers.

There’s an assortment of probes and accessories many of them have inbuilt high-definition camera technology that can screen for a range of conditions remotely. They even attach to smaller portable devices for nurses on the road.

Nepean hospital has just acquired two of the units. A $25,000 state government grant enabled this innovation to get off the ground. The NSW Minister for Jobs and Western Sydney, Mr Stuart Ayres came to the Nepean Clinical School for a demonstration.

“There’s no doubt it will help save costs inside the delivery of health services and it also will have the great opportunity of creating Australian jobs.”

A job generator that bridges the tyranny of distance.

Gabriella Rogers has been a journalist for nearly two decades and is the medical reporter for Nine News in Sydney.

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