October is Australia’s National Telehealth Awareness Month!


The Australian Telehealth Society designates October as Australia’s National Telehealth Awareness Month.

A whole month in which to promote and share industry stories and experiences around telehealth. A chance to increase public awareness and understanding about the benefits and applications of telehealth across the country.

To mark the occasion, each week this month Visionflex will be asking industry leaders about their thoughts on telehealth. You can read their stories on our News page or follow us on social media.

Since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, telehealth has been a game changer in the delivery of safe, effective, and appropriate remote health services. During this time, Australians have attended more than 62 million telehealth consultations with their GP, medical specialist, mental health consultant, allied health professional and nurse practitioner.

Perform remote clinical examinations with Visionflex telehealth solutions.

Visionflex designs and manufactures telehealth systems with clinical capabilities that enable health professionals to perform remote medical examinations via high-speed, HD video conference, using a suite of approved medical devices.

During a telehealth consultation with a remote health professional, patient data such as ECG traces, stethoscope sounds, temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse oximetry, weight, and ultrasound can be collected via the Visionflex system of telehealth solutions.

Health professionals can also perform a range of remote video examinations such as endoscopy, dental, ophthalmology, otoscopy, dermatology, and wound management. Having access to this information enables the consulting physician to make an informed diagnosis and create a treatment plan. Patient data and media can also be shared and saved to a practice management system or an electronic health record.

Visionflex telehealth technology is used across Australia in major hospitals, work sites, remote communities, and aged care settings. Our products are HIPAA and GDPR ready.

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