A comprehensive medical examination of the patient.

ExamVu by Visionflex

ExamVu allows the health professional with a patient to carry out a medical examination with the far-end doctor guiding the process. A range of examinations can be carried out including blood pressure, ECG, temperature, pulse oximetry, blood glucose, and weight. All the results are visible over Vision and can be saved in the patient database with the data also being pushed up to the electronic health record software.

Photo of Vision ExamVu on a laptop
Senior couple on online therapy. They are sitting on the sofa in the living room, having a video call with a doctor. Senior couple consulting with their doctor. Health care and modern technology for the elderly.

ExamVu turns Vision into a powerful clinical tool.

ExamVu allows health professionals anywhere on the globe to collaborate and improve the health outcomes for the patient by turning a face-to-face video consultation into a true medical examination.

ExamVu supports blood pressure measurements, pulse oximetry, blood glucose, temperature, weight and 3-wire ECG examinations with measurements and data being shared between all participants in the call. Data can be saved against a patient file in the local SQL database and pushed up to the practice management software using HL7 commands if required.

Discover a new ‘Vision’ in telehealth.

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