Multiple video feeds for a detailed diagnosis

MultiVu by Visionflex

MultiVu allows all participants in the call to simultaneously activate several video cameras. The camera feeds appear as individual windows in the call and are controlled by the same layout tools as the conventional video containers. Snapshots can be acquired and video feeds can be switched on the fly. No additional hardware required!

Any number of video feeds can be brought into the call.

Laptop with Vision and MultiVu on screen
Photo of doctor on laptop in a Vision meeting using MultiVu

Improved vision of your patient and the clinical video feed.

Working with a single video feed from a patient can be difficult, particularly when you need context on what is happening in the room or when you need to view the video from a medical camera such as the GEIS® General Examination Camera or a dental camera. Once the patient switches across to the medical camera, the face view of the patient disappears and it can be difficult to understand how the exam camera is being used or exactly which part of the body is being examined.

That’s where MultiVu gives you the flexibility to view multiple video feeds simultaneously. Using the RoomVu functionality, PTZ Cameras can also be brought into the MultiVu call to give an overview of the room. This mode gives full control of the camera to all participants allowing pan, tilt, and zoom functionality with pre-set memory locations.

Discover a new ‘Vision’ in telehealth.

Bringing in a new video feed is easy!

  • Click on the + in the control bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the desired camera
  • Click ‘Done’ to confirm your choice
  • The video feed will appear as a new window
  • Multiple video feeds can be added as required
  • To close the video, click on the X at the bottom of the image

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