Medical cameras

High-definition medical imaging cameras are integral to conducting high-quality diagnostic imaging during telehealth and virtual care consultations.

Experience a new dimension of remote medical examinations with our cutting-edge medical imaging cameras that seamlessly integrate into our advanced virtual care software platforms, Vision and ProEX. Designed to empower remote medical providers, our comprehensive camera solutions revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered, offering unparalleled versatility, precision, and convenience, even at a distance.



Visionflex has a suite of medical cameras suited for diagnostic imaging and general examination, including the GEIS® General Examination Camera HD, ultrasound, endoscopes, otoscopes, Horus scopes, laryngoscopes, intra-oral dental cameras and colposcopes.

Our multi-functional camera kits transcend traditional imaging capabilities, offering medical providers a wide array of diagnostic tools from a single device. From high-definition cameras for general examinations to specialised cameras such as otoscopes and laryngoscopes for detailed ear, nose, and throat examinations, our camera kits enable comprehensive assessments with ease and accuracy.

Seamlessly integrated into our virtual care software platforms, our medical imaging cameras facilitate real-time video consultations, enabling metro-based medical providers to remotely examine patients with confidence and clarity. Whether conducting routine check-ups, diagnosing conditions, or guiding patients through self-examinations, our camera solutions ensure high-quality imaging and seamless communication throughout the consultation process.

Our camera systems prioritise user-friendliness and convenience, with intuitive interfaces and ergonomic designs that enhance provider efficiency and patient comfort. Medical providers can capture, store, and share images seamlessly within our virtual care software platforms, facilitating collaborative decision-making and continuity of care.

With robust security features and compliance with regulatory standards, our camera solutions ensure the confidentiality and privacy of patient information, instilling trust and confidence in both providers and patients alike.

Elevate your remote medical practice with our integrated medical imaging cameras and virtual care software platforms, and redefine the standard of care delivery in remote healthcare settings.