Ultrasound imaging systems

Elevate your telehealth practice with our portable ultrasound scan systems, that seamlessly integrate into our virtual care platforms, Vision and ProEX. Enhance patient care with real-time imaging, diagnosis, and treatment planning, all in the palm of your hand.



The versatility of our portable ultrasound imaging system enables a wide range of clinical applications across various medical specialties. From obstetrics and gynaecology to cardiology, musculoskeletal, and beyond. It’s advanced imaging capabilities cater to diverse patient populations and clinical scenarios. Whether performing routine screenings, monitoring disease progression, or guiding interventional procedures, our portable ultrasound system empowers medical professionals with diagnostic precision and clinical confidence.

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, the integration of portable ultrasound imaging systems with virtual care platforms marks a pivotal advancement for the needs of remote and traveling medical professionals. Our cutting-edge portable ultrasound system offers a multifaceted array of benefits, transforming the way healthcare is delivered beyond traditional clinical settings.

The portability of our ultrasound system liberates medical professionals from the constraints of standard imaging facilities. With its compact design and lightweight structure, healthcare providers can effortlessly carry this powerful diagnostic tool wherever their practice takes them. Whether visiting patients in remote communities, attending to medical emergencies on the go, or conducting telehealth consultations from various locations, our portable ultrasound system ensures uninterrupted access to high-quality imaging capabilities.

Seamless integration with virtual care platforms amplifies the efficiency and effectiveness of remote healthcare delivery. Medical professionals can conduct real-time ultrasound examinations during telehealth consultations, enabling comprehensive assessment and diagnosis without the need for in-person visits. This integration facilitates timely decision-making, enhances care coordination, and fosters patient engagement, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes.

Our portable ultrasound system revolutionises healthcare delivery by empowering remote and traveling medical professionals with convenient access to high-quality imaging, versatile clinical applications, and user-friendly operation.