ProEX Clinical Virtual Care Software

The powerful virtual care software from Visionflex has been super-charged and is now available as a stand-alone software package that can be loaded onto any desktop computer or laptop.

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The most comprehensive clinical telehealth and virtual care software

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Full clinical capabilities via telehealth

Perform in-depth clinical consultations on any internet connected device.

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Connect multiple devices at once

Simultaneously include feeds from multiple medical cameras at once.

security and safety of patient data in telehealth

Securely and safely store patient data

Patient data is encrypted and stored locally with role-based access control.

multiple doctors and other participants in a telehealth call

Connect with metro-based physicians

Connect your patients with GPs and specialists form anywhere in the country.

Improve remote patient outcomes with quality clinical healthcare at a distance

All the clinical tools you need to monitor remote patients and collaborate with healthcare teams.

Group of images showing the features of the ProEX Telehealth Software including the video conferencing controls and clinical capabilities
Pages of a PDF report of clinical results for the sessions of a patient

Generate clinical data summary reports after any patient session

The ProEX Virtual Care Software seamlessly generate highly detailed reports for any patient session including images, videos, pulse oximetry and ECG readings.

Connect a range of peripheral medical devices

Our range of medical peripheral devices provides you with all the tools you need to deliver quality healthcare all in one telehealth session.

Real-time results are visible in-screen to all participants in the call and able to be recorded against the patient record for review at a later date.

Group photo of Visionflex peripheral medical devices including ultrasound, blood glucose, thermometer and pulse oximeter