Telehealth devices

Our cutting-edge clinical telehealth devices and virtual care equipment enable health practitioners to carry out detailed medical examinations on patients anywhere on Earth.



Conduct clinical tele-consultations in regional, remote, rural, and urban areas, with access to diagnostic imaging that is stored against the patient’s electronic health record.

The state-of-the-art ProEX Telehealth Hub is suited for medical centres, and clinics, while the ProEX Mobile solution is a portable, rugged device perfect for conducting medical examinations in the field or on the go.

Suitable for clinical environments within aged care facilities, prison and correctional facilities, mine sites, oil and gas rigs, rural clinics, remote communities, armed force bases, merchant navy ships, cruise vessels and general practices.

Unlock the full potential of telehealth and virtual care with our purpose-built equipment, tailored to meet the unique needs of remote medical providers. Designed with efficiency, reliability, and ease of use in mind, our telehealth solutions revolutionise remote healthcare delivery.

Our purpose-built equipment offers seamless integration with our virtual care platforms, Vision and ProEX, ensuring smooth and efficient consultations regardless of geographical barriers. With high-definition cameras, crystal-clear audio, and intuitive interfaces, medical professionals can conduct consultations with confidence, replicating the in-person experience virtually.

Our equipment is equipped with advanced features such as remote patient monitoring capabilities, enabling medical providers to remotely track vital signs, monitor patient progress, and intervene proactively when necessary. This real-time data access empowers metro-based medical providers to deliver personalised care and support to patients, even from a distance.

Purpose-built telehealth equipment from Visionflex prioritises patient privacy and data security, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and instilling trust in patients. With built-in encryption and secure communication protocols, medical providers can conduct consultations with peace of mind, knowing that patient information is protected.

Embrace the future of remote healthcare delivery with our purpose-built telehealth and virtual care equipment, empowering medical providers to deliver high-quality care to patients wherever they may be.