View the patient with a ceiling camera.

RoomVu by Visionflex

RoomVu allows PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) ceiling cameras to be brought into the Vision call as an additional participant. The other participants in the call have full ‘remote’ control of the PTZ ceiling camera allowing them to drive to a specific location in the room, zoom in and out, or go instantly to any of ten memorised locations with a single click of the mouse. Memorised locations might include patient head, ECG screen, door, patient feet, etc.

Photo of Vision RoomVu on a laptop
Family of patient watching a Vision RoomVu Consultation

Take control of ‘over-bed’ ceiling cameras while inside the video call.

RoomVu supports bi-directional audio of the room allowing the remote health professional to communicate with the patient and nurse via a broadcast speaker or a Bluetooth headset.

RoomVu is available in a ‘Lite’ version, which requires the ceiling camera to be connected to the host PC via a USB cable or as a ‘Professional’ version where the camera is setup for IP-PoE operation and can be located anywhere on the globe with internet connectivity.

Discover a new ‘Vision’ in telehealth.

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