TeleStrations to enhance collaboration.

TeleStrations by Visionflex

TeleStrations allows multiple Vision participants to annotate an image or a blank canvas and collaborate with ease. The annotations can be created by any participant in the call to assist in the treatment of the patient. Images and PDF documents can be imported into the telestration and text can be added at any time.

Full collaboration with your colleagues and patients using Vision!

Photo of Vision TeleStrations on laptop
Photo of doctor on laptop with Vision TeleStrations on the screen

TeleStrations allows collaboration between health professionals.

Collaboration between health professionals on a video call is vital for the best possible patient outcome and Vision helps improve this with our SnapShot and TeleStrations features. Annotating images together with other participants in the call can be used to give clear instructions on how the patient should be treated or which drugs need to be administered. These instructions between health professionals are often vital and cannot always be described verbally over a face-to-face video call. The TeleStrations feature within Vision allows all participants in the call to add text or annotations to a shared image or PDF file, thereby documenting the treatment plan and reducing the risk of misunderstandings or false interpretations, which can result in adverse patient outcomes.

Discover a new ‘Vision’ in telehealth.

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