Stethoscope audio via video conferencing

TrueSteth by Visionflex

TrueSteth supports a range of digital stethoscopes from USB to Bluetooth and 3.5mm microphone plug connections. The integrated filters and gain control ensure an accurate diagnosis with crystal-clear heart, lung, and body sounds over any distance, even in low-bandwidth environments.

TrueSteth gives the remote physician control of the filters and gain of the stethoscope.

Macbook with Vision and TrueSteth
Vision Telehealth family watching consultation

Experience perfect stethoscope audio and filter control via video conferencing.

The dream of achieving true stethoscope audio quality while on a video conferencing call has been the ultimate goal of telehealth physicians for years. With the development of TrueSteth, the team at Visionflex has managed to create a revolutionary solution that not only reproduces the stethoscope sounds with amazing accuracy but also gives the remote physician complete control of the local audio volume, the gain of the stethoscope, and the filter settings being used.

This remote control by the physician allows the nurse at the bedside to concentrate on the patient without having to worry about software adjustments or the fine tuning of stethoscope filters. The visualisation of the stethoscope audio is also displayed in three different modes to give a clear picture of the patient’s body sounds.

Discover a new ‘Vision’ in telehealth.

Fine tuning stethoscope audio is easy!

  • Perfect audio quality via video link
  • FDA approved filters
  • Remote control of filters and gain
  • Multi-party calls
  • Three viewing modes
  • Clipping detection
  • Fully digital control
  • Recording function
  • Available as standalone app
  • Supports multiple stethoscope types

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