Visionflex telehealth: comprehensive, compact, and now available in Canada

Visionflex logo on Canada flag

Today, Visionflex, Australia’s leading telehealth technology specialist, is pleased to announce that its ProEX Telehealth Hub is now approved for use in Canada.

Following a rigorous certification process, the Visionflex ProEX System has been issued with a Medical Device Class 2 Licence by Health Canada meaning it can now be sold for use in telehealth applications across the country.

“We are excited to be able to supply our range of cutting-edge telehealth solutions to the Canadian market,” said Mr Mike Harman, Visionflex CEO and co-founder.

“Australia and Canada share very similar health challenges with extreme distances and climates, isolated and remote communities, large Indigenous populations with complicated health needs, and an increasing number of elderly patients ageing in the home. The Visionflex telehealth solutions will offer significant benefits to each of these groups, so we are very pleased our products have now been approved for use in Canada.”

The ProEX – bringing healthcare to everyone, everywhere

From Antarctica to the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the USA, Visionflex has been helping to deliver remote telehealth since 2014.

Designed specifically for medical and allied-health applications, the ProEX’s integrated video conferencing software allows health professionals to connect remotely with patients, colleagues, and specialists over vast distances and share saved images and data.

The ProEX’s inbuilt ports accept a suite of medical devices – both analogue and digital – enabling health practitioners to remotely perform detailed and precise medical examinations.

Using the ProEX, a physician or nurse can examine a patient with devices such as a general exam camera, otoscope, portable ultrasound, ECG, stethoscope, endoscope, pulse oximeter, blood-glucose monitor, thermometer, or blood-pressure monitor.

The ProEX automatically encrypts patient data and stores high-definition video, which can be shared with medical colleagues and/or stored in a hospital electronic health record (EHR) system for future reference and review.

The system’s store-and-forward capabilities provide added flexibility for telehealth settings that require fieldwork and travel to outreach clinics

ProEX telehealth hub

ProEX applications can include general imaging; wound management; dental examinations; ear, nose, and throat examinations; ophthalmology; dermatology and many other patient observations via Bluetooth and USB-connected devices.

Video consultations on the ProEX Telehealth Hub can be transmitted via a local network, WiFi, and the internet. All ProEX units can be easily programmed to communicate securely with each other and share information in a customised network.

Because the ProEX system brings specialist healthcare to the point of need, it is particularly well suited to locations and settings where access can be problematic including rural and isolated communities; retirement and aged care facilities; remote oil, gas, and mining sites; field-health clinics; military and defence; and correctional centres.

To ensure practitioners get the most out of their ProEX Telehealth Hub, Visionflex has assembled an experienced team of experts and a suite of materials to make the onboarding, guidance, and support process easy.

“We look forward to working with our Canadian friends in bringing this revolutionary technology into their health system. Canada has a long history of implementing successful telehealth solutions and they will now have access to the best new technology from Australia,” said Mr Harman.

“Better patient outcomes are the goal, and this can only be achieved by working together and using the most appropriate technology.”

About Visionflex: Visionflex is a leader in telehealth technology. The company was formed in 2014 by two Australian engineers with the mission of making world-class health care available to everyone, everywhere.

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