ProEX Telehealth Trial at Hunter Correctional Centre – A huge success

Case Studies
Delivery of ProEX Telehealth to Hunter Correctional Centre, Mike Harman and Julie Little

The ProEX Telehealth Trial was a huge success at Hunter Correctional Centre.

Julie Little manages the Nursing Unit at Hunter Correctional Centre. In January 2019, the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network commenced the ProEX Telehealth Trial to allow doctors and specialists to conduct more detailed examinations of patients via video link.

Connecting directly to The Network video conferencing system the ProEX allows data and high definition imagery from cameras, probes and general exam peripherals to be shared securely with a remote doctor during their weekly clinics.

“We’re more than happy with it. Instead of having to describe a wound or rash, the doctors can clearly see the issue and make a decision to send them to the hospital or just keep an eye on it,” Julie said.

“Saving money and saving time. And we’re keeping the number of transports down which improves security for the community.

“Oral health as well. We’re excited about the new dental cam. This will allow our dental technicians to perform exams and basic procedures without sending them to a dentist.

“The potential is really never ending”.

The ProEX Telehealth trial has been a great success and the Network has increased their order to 9 units to roll out state-wide. This news came as a relief to Julie who was keen for the trial to continue so she wouldn’t have to give her ProEX up.

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