Sales with a smile … and some excellent technical detail!

Alex Hollings Visionflex

Excellent communication skills and extensive product knowledge, including all the technical details, are the two most valuable skills for people working in sales, according to Visionflex’s Business Development Manager, Alex Hollings.

And Alex certainly knows his way around the Visionflex stable of telehealth solutions – whether it’s a question on a technical specification of a GEIS® General Examination Camera HD, or a detailed enquiry about VF Sync Software, Alex is the font of all product knowledge.

“You’ve really got to have good product knowledge so you can explain the product to the customer; let them know all the features and benefits of it and answer any questions they have,” said Alex.

“People are usually surprised when they experience the Visionflex system because they don’t realise how far technology has come and it usually prompts a lot of questions about how it works.”

Alex says clients tend to fall into two camps: the clinicians who want to know how to use the technology efficiently and simply; and the IT-literate people who are responsible for implementing technology and want to know all the technical information, so clinical staff can get the best out of it and use it on a day-to-day basis.

Another important sales skill, says Alex, is establishing and maintaining a trusting relationship with clients.

“And fortunately, we do that very well at Visionflex. All our customers are now repeat customers: If they purchase a product or a ProEX, typically they return for more ProEX units and additional equipment – this is because the equipment is so impressive, and also because we look after them and provide a good service.

“Ultimately our clients want to keep dealing with us and rely on us and our telehealth equipment.”

Alex has more than 12 years of experience in sales, including almost ten years with Mercedes-Benz where he got to indulge his love of high-end vehicles every day.

“I never thought I’d end up in the car industry,” says Alex who studied history and politics at Sydney University.  “But now cars have reverted back to being my hobby. I enjoy reading about cars and seeing all the technology and speculating if we’ll be driving around in electric vehicles, hydrogen cars or hover vehicles.”

Alex’s ultimate car is the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R – a high-performance variant of the Mercedes-Benz GT series that has a top speed of 319km/hour.

“What’s it like to drive? The car is sensory overload,” said Alex. “It’s very far removed from ‘car’ and much closer to ‘race car’.”

Shifting direction from cars to med tech sales in early 2020 has been an exciting career change, says Alex.

“I really enjoy the challenge at Visionflex and it’s a different environment for me because in telehealth, rather than being physically in front of people, we usually demonstrate our products via teleconference,” explained Alex.

“We operate in the healthcare space, so it’s great to know that Visionflex technology has a good cause. It’s going to be used to assist someone or save an elderly person having to be transported to a hospital or, in some cases, it could help someone in a life-threatening situation, so it’s pretty rewarding knowing that we’re creating technology that enables people to perform remote clinical examinations for the first time.”

“…it’s pretty rewarding knowing that we’re creating technology that enables people to perform remote clinical examinations for the first time.”

Alex’s other secret challenge is Lego and how to build bigger and better Lego creations with his four-year-old son, Ethan!

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