Armed forces

Telehealth connects defence personnel with medical specialists and providers anywhere in the world.

Defence personnel are often deployed in harsh environments and remote areas with limited access to doctors, let alone world-class specialists.

Utilising telehealth consultations means the geographic location of the defence personnel is almost irrelevant – the patient can connect with top specialists and providers anywhere in the world.

Using cutting-edge technology, Visionflex’s telehealth devices capture high-quality images, videos, and patient vitals. This data is used to triage the patient and establish a treatment and rehabilitation program in the early stage of diagnosis and trauma evaluation.

Benefits for patients and providers

Telehealth services save time for both patients and healthcare providers while enhancing services and reducing costs. Deployed personnel and providers can continue to support communities in the wake of natural disasters, humanitarian missions and war.

Telehealth consultations

Telehealth is effective in identifying and aiding the treatment of injuries and diseases for soldiers, staff, and other military personnel.

Military helicopter landing in remote area