General practice

Male GP at desk in front of computer

Telehealth improves patient monitoring for general practice.

Telehealth solutions for general practice allow practices to be competitive and offer better healthcare to your patients.

GPs and specialist doctors understand the importance of quality imagery and data in making an accurate diagnosis and monitoring recovery.

Visionflex’s cutting-edge telehealth devices capture high-quality images, videos, and patient vitals, and can connect with specialists via video conference. Patient data easily synchronises to a patient’s electronic health record (EHR), ensuring comprehensive record keeping. The devices also allow for collaboration with experts via video conferencing to provide improved access to specialist expertise.

Benefits for patients and general practitioners

The addition of telehealth consultations provides patients with better access to care, reduced costs of transportation and the potential to avoid loss of income due to taking time off work to travel to appointments.

GPs benefit from greater flexibility for patient consultations with a combination of in-person appointments, home visits, and video consultations; reducing patient wait times and improving care for patients with mobility issues.

Telehealth services

Telehealth services are a good way for doctors to monitor patients’ chronic conditions such as lung or heart disease, diabetes or hypertension.

Female GP on video call on laptop