Remote health

Telehealth provides equal access to healthcare in remote communities.

Due to geography, time, and distance factors, people living in remote towns, communities and isolated locations have limited access to healthcare services. As a result, those individuals tend to have poorer health outcomes when compared to those living in urban areas.

Telehealth services provide rural and remote communities access to flexible, convenient healthcare.

Visionflex’s cutting-edge telehealth devices capture high-quality images, videos, and patient vitals, and connect with specialists via video conference. This data and ability to collaborate with experts provides faster access to healthcare services and improves access to services resulting in a more accurate and timely diagnosis.

Remote community town drone photo
Remote hut in the Antarctic

Benefits for patients

Telehealth services can deliver health services to patients in remote communities reducing the need for travel, providing timely access to doctors, specialists, allied health services and supporting those with chronic conditions to manage their health.

Telehealth services

By utilising telehealth services, there is the potential to improve access to healthcare services for people living in remote and very remote regions and help close the gap in the availability of health services in isolated locations.

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