Visionflex and Syndeticom announce a new partnership


Telehealth technology experts, Visionflex, are proud to announce a new partnership with digital infrastructure specialists, Syndeticom. Together, the two companies will work to expand the reach of their innovative technology solutions for Australian healthcare providers.

The partnership has already seen the launch of a new mobile telehealth solution that will be used in NSW Health locations across Western NSW and Far West NSW Local Health Districts (LHDs). Combined, these two LHDs cover almost 500,000 square kilometres and service some of the state’s most sparsely populated communities.

Visionflex’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Mr Mike Harman, said: “We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Syndeticom.

“We believe that Australian technology leads the way in creating world-class health solutions. Syndeticom has extensive experience as innovators in the digital infrastructure sphere, while Visionflex are leaders in the design and manufacture of new generation, clinical telehealth technology. Together, we are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients, and their patients, in the health sector.

“We have already seen NSW Health choose to work with Syndeticom and Visionflex, and we will be expanding our offer across the country.

“Having the ability to simply and effectively perform clinical examinations via video conferencing, lifts the bar in telehealth expectations and leads to increased efficiencies in the health sector.”

Syndeticom’s General Manager, Duncan MacLennan, said: “This exciting new partnership opens a whole new level of opportunities for the growing Australian telehealth market to procure Australian designed and manufactured telehealth infrastructure without the cost, time and quality limitations and inconsistencies experienced in procuring overseas. Furthermore, our clients have the confidence of ongoing maintenance and support services across their range of telehealth infrastructure, which is just a local phone call away.”

Visionflex Logo

Visionflex is a leading manufacturer of world-first clinical telehealth technology.

The Visionflex system comprises powerful software and hardware telehealth solutions that support a range of approved medical devices, revolutionising the way medical professionals examine, diagnose, monitor, and treat remote patients.

The Visionflex system enables health professionals to perform remote ear, nose, and throat examinations; wound management; dental examinations; ophthalmology; dermatology; mental health; and speech pathology. It can also be used for patient observations including heart, lung, and body sounds; blood pressure; blood-sugar and blood-oxygen levels; temperature; and weight.

Visionflex solutions are used by medical doctors, specialists, and allied health professionals who work across private and public health settings.

Established in 1992, Syndeticom is Australia’s expert in designing, building, and supporting world-class digital infrastructure, spanning private networks, audio and visual structured cabling, and mission-critical data centres.

Syndeticom has spent significant time in collaboration with their health clients to design and develop innovative healthcare solutions. They focus on not only supporting the current demands of the industry but also allowing for future technology development and transformation. The company’s scope of health specialisation covers ICT and technical services; audio visual; structured cabling; and managed services including security services and cloud support.