Visionflex partners with Thinklabs, the digital stethoscope experts

Digital Stethoscopes

Through this partnership, Visionflex will now distribute the One Digital Stethoscope in Australia and New Zealand, revolutionising the way clinicians perform telemedicine.

Comfortable, light weight and elegant, One is the world’s smallest and most powerful stethoscope.

“We have known the team at Thinklabs for a number of years and we are excited to be working with them in a more formal capacity as their Australian distributor,” said Visionflex CEO and Co-founder, Mr Mike Harman.

“One is an amazing piece of medical technology designed by talented electrical and audio engineers to provide perfect stethoscope audio in the most difficult situations.

“Stethoscope examinations can now be carried out digitally and via telehealth, which is particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic and amid a global shortage of health professionals. The perfect heart, lung and body sounds of Thinklabs One allows doctors to diagnose patients remotely with confidence.”

Mr Clive Smith, CEO and founder of Thinklabs, said, “We are excited to bring the Thinklabs One to Australia. Working to improve the detection and diagnosis of disease and save patients’ lives has always been our priority, and we also want to ensure all doctors and nurses on the frontlines of the pandemic are protected, especially with the rise of the COVID pandemic that carries increased risk with close personal contact.

“We hope the Thinklabs One can serve as a tool for hospitals and medical facilities to help stop the spread of infectious diseases.”

About Thinklabs Medical and One

Thinklabs Medical makes the revolutionary One Digital Stethoscope, featuring patented electromagnetic diaphragm technology, which provides exceptional sound quality and more than 100 times amplification.

One is a favourite among clinicians in cardiology, pulmonology, intensive care, telehealth, medical education, and infectious disease, and anyone who demands studio-quality sound.

Founded in 1991 in Denver, Colorado, USA, Thinklabs has been featured in 60 Minutes, The New York Times, New England Journal of Medicine, and Contemporary Pediatrics, and in 2016 it received the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

One connects to audio headphones via cable, allowing you to listen with multiple filter choices for heart, lung, and body sounds. You can also set the two filter settings you use the most as favourites.

This revolutionary digital stethoscope, which fits in the palm of your hand, is helping physicians and clinicians listen, like never before – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic: The One can be connected to a quality speaker to perform Safe Distance Auscultation.

One is built from the finest components – machined aluminium, which is hand-polished and chrome-plated to reduce noise, all performed by craftsmen in Denver, Colorado. The display lens is imported sapphire crystal, as you would find in a Rolex watch.

It comes with headphones that are made to Thinklabs’ specifications, tuned for extreme bass to reproduce heart sounds, and with crystal-clear treble so they can be used for music pleasure, reflecting Mr Smith’s own passion for music.

One also supports any other high-performance headphones, connected via a standard 3.5mm jack.

One’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery requires only one or two charges per week with a typical workload, designed for 100-125 patient exams per charge.

One can be used to:

  • Perform remote telemedicine – examine patients in Asia, Africa, across Australia … or in the next building.
  • Promote learning – One is a frontline tool that can be used to teach the lost art of auscultation to multiple listeners, and document patient sounds for research.
  • Perform Safe Distance Auscultation – a clinician dressed in PPE can use One on a patient, while the physician can listen at a distance, whether outside an ER or ICU room, via a speaker on an extended cable.

The Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope includes:

  • Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope
  • Thinklabs Studio Performance In-Ear Headphones (One can be used with any high-quality headphones)
  • USB-type charger 100-240V
  • Pocket carrying case
  • 2-year Thinklabs Warranty
Photo of Thinklabs digital stethoscope kit 2021

About Visionflex

Visionflex manufactures exceptional medical devices that help doctors, nurses, specialists, and health workers connect via telehealth.

Our products include the ProEX Telehealth Hub – a clinical desktop device; and a ruggedised tablet version, the ProEX Mobile. Both units are HIPAA ready, secure, Class 1 Medical devices with CE, FDA and TGA approvals.

The ProEX Telehealth Hub and ProEX Mobile support a comprehensive range of Visionflex cameras, probes, and general exam peripherals, connected to a single hub for viewing, archiving, sharing over telehealth, or even synchronising to medical health record software.

All applications are controlled by an intuitive touch-screen interface.

Because the ProEX system brings specialist healthcare to the point of need, it is particularly well suited to locations and settings where access can be problematic including rural and isolated communities; retirement and aged care facilities; remote oil, gas, and mining sites; field-health clinics; military and defence; and correctional centres.

Visionflex has had fantastic success with deployments in rural and remote locations, and all over Australia and around the world.

In addition to selling our products directly to hospitals, GPs, and specialists, in Australia we also partner with Telstra Health, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the Australian Antarctic Division, NSW Health, Queensland Health, and the NSW Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network.

Visionflex – delivering medical care to the point of need.