Visionflex Telehealth with Vidyo Integration


Healthcare Challenge

Delivering positive health outcomes for people who live and work in rural and remote locations can face many challenges. Typically, these areas have fewer medical facilities and specialist care, requiring patients to travel vast distances for diagnosis and treatment. Ultimately, this also drives up the cost of healthcare for patients and providers.

Access to essential medical services can be just as problematic for other members of our communities such as residents of aged care homes, military personnel, cruise-liner guests, prison inmates, and people who may be self-isolating due to infection concerns.

 Remote and rural healthcare facilities

A wide range of examinations with approved peripheral medical devices can be performed remotely and results can be diagnosed by a specialist.

Aged care homes

Vulnerable residents who often have complex health needs can be examined first without needing to travel, and results can be forwarded to specialists immediately.

Remote patient monitoring

Patients requiring pre-operative and post-operative care or ongoing monitoring and assessment can readily access the specialist care they need and reduce unnecessary readmissions.

Remote worksites

Bringing medical expertise to the point of care can help assess and treat patients quickly when working in oil, gas, and mining; rural and remote agribusiness; and military defence.

Correctional facilities (prisons/gaols)

Enables remote assessment and diagnosis and also helps to reduce the number of patient transports, improving security for the community and lowering costs.

Visionflex – Telehealth with Vidyo Integration

Visionflex’s cutting-edge telehealth technology delivers quality healthcare to patients – wherever they are.

The Visionflex ProEX Telehealth Hub uses Vidyo’s high-speed video conferencing capabilities to connect patients with physicians in real-time consultations.

The ProEX connects with a suite of medical accessories such as ultrasound, stethoscopes, endoscope, pulse oximeters, ECG, thermometers, blood-pressure monitor, otoscope, weighing scales, and a GEIS® General Examination Camera HD, which enable health practitioners to carry out detailed clinical medical examinations.

The ProEX also comes in a rugged, tablet-sized portable version: the ProEX Mobile – a telehealth solution for fieldwork, outreach clinics, and travelling health professionals.

The ProEX’s high-definition video and data is automatically encrypted and can be shared with medical colleagues and stored in a hospital electronic health record (EHR) system for future reference and review.

Video conferencing on both the ProEX Telehealth Hub and ProEX Mobile models can be transmitted via a local network, the internet, or via 4G/LTE (the ProEX Telehealth Hub requires an optional cellular module).

All ProEX units can be easily programmed to communicate with each other and share information in a customised network.

The Visionflex ProEX range goes way beyond video conferencing to deliver the next generation of remote medical care.


  • Improve medical access and health outcomes for patients
  • Reduce the need to travel to access healthcare
  • Cost reduction for healthcare providers due to lower rates of appointment cancellation and timely treatment
  • Can be fully integrated with electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Real-time video consultations with video and image capturing capabilities for an easy store (EHR) and forward option

Anticipated Results

Visionflex’s ProEX range helps health professionals conduct medical examinations anywhere in the world, saving time, money, and most importantly, helping to save lives.

Using the ProEX’s range of peripheral instruments, local and remote physicians can perform detailed examinations for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Its seamless synchronisation with EHR systems ensures that patient information and data is stored and shared securely for future reference and review.


Complete security

Designed with industry standard end-to-end security for peace of mind. All high-definition video and data is automatically encrypted.

Easy to use

Streamlined and intuitive, ProEX controls are designed to be as simple as possible. Use the integrated touch screen, remote control, or external keyboard (wired or Bluetooth) to launch a patient observation feature or a video conference with the touch of a button.

Easy to connect

Multiple video inputs allow the unit to be used with third-party video sources such as endoscope cameras, ultrasound units, video ophthalmoscopes, or general- purpose medical cameras. Video consultations can be transmitted via a local network, WiFi, and the internet. The ProEX Mobile also includes 4G/LTE for completely wireless operation. All units are easily programmed to communicate with each other and share information in a customised network.

Electronic record integration

Media, notes, and observation data is stored securely and synchronised with electronic medical record systems.

Next generation video conferencing

Designed specifically for telehealth, the ProEX’s powerful software maintains high-quality image and audio at all times.

Medical device accessories

Connect a range of interchangeable accessories and probes to transform your ProEX into a comprehensive medical examination tool. Key accessories include: ultrasound, stethoscope, endoscope, pulse oximeter, ECG, thermometer, blood-pressure monitor, otoscope, weighing scales, and a GEIS® General Examination Camera HD. All Visionflex products are IEC 60601 compliant, making them suitable for clinical medical assessments.

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