Welcoming The Hon. Rob Stokes MP to Visionflex HQ

Photo of Rob Stokes MP at the Visionflex Sydney HQ

Visionflex’s telehealth solutions are “astounding” and will help improve access to specialist health services according to NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces and Member for Pittwater, The Hon. Rob Stokes.

Mr Stokes toured Visionflex’s Sydney headquarters and took part in a remote telehealth video consultation with the Visionflex team, including co-founders, Mr Mike Harman and Mr Peter Shandley.

During the demonstration, Mr Harman initiated a video consultation for Mr Stokes, using the Visionflex ProEX Telehealth Hub, the Vision software platform, and a range of approved medical devices including the GEIS® General Examination Camera HD, Digital Stethoscope, and Portable ECG Heart Monitor.

It was the first time Mr Stokes had experienced the clinical capabilities of the Visionflex system.

Photo of The Honourable Robert Stokes MP during demonstration of the Visionflex telehealth systems in boardroom

“The scale of what [Visionflex] is doing is quite audacious, all these remote applications are amazing,” said Mr Stokes.

Mr Stokes was particularly impressed with the application opportunities the Visionflex system provides in the delivery of health services to aged care residents.

The Visionflex telehealth system is approved for use in aged care settings. With its unique clinical functions and its ability to automatically synchronise with electronic health records such as My Health Record, Visionflex’s innovative technology brings medical services to the bedside.

It can be used to conduct initial remote medical examinations, improving patient diagnosis and delivery of care, and ultimately reducing potentially preventable hospitalisations for elderly people.

Visionflex is currently working on new technical features specifically designed for the aged care sector.

According to Mr Stokes, telehealth will continue to play a role in health services in NSW.

Visionflex’s Mr Harman agreed, adding that the COVID-19 pandemic has been an important driver in the uptake of telehealth in Australia and globally.

“I think COVID-19 has increased awareness around telehealth and people’s perceptions of telehealth and a lot of people who were hesitant to have their face on a screen a couple of years ago are now more than happy to pick up an iPad or go to their computer and have a chat with a health professional,” said Mr Harman.

“And particularly in aged care, we can see that telehealth improves efficiencies and improves access to medical professionals.”

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